The 7 Minute Mentor

514 - Choosing the Right Marketing Partners to Work With

October 12, 2018

Hey folks, how are you doing? And welcome to episode 514 of The 7 Minute Mentor, with me, Mark Asquith. And today I'm going to talk about choosing the right marketing partners to work with as a founder, because even though you need to become a really decent marketer in your own right, you need to understand the principles that ultimately you can implement. But actually what you'll find is that as you develop these skills, that you need to use these skills not actually to do as you grow your business, you'll be stepping away from the doing as the first year progresses, the second year progresses. And what I want you to understand is that because we're building this basis of a high level of marketing knowledge, you can actually use that to then choose the right partners moving forward.

Because if you understand what something does, how it works and what is has to deliver for you, then you can commission people to do a better job for you using more informed decisions, because you have that knowledge. So, not only do you become a decent marketer in your own right just because in the early days you might need that, but moving forward, you need to be able to commission the right people, and that is what I'm going to talk about today.

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Right, this is something that I'm passionate about. But I'll be honest, this might turn into a rant. I don't know yet, we'll see how we get along over the next four minutes. Choosing the right marketing partners to work with. In my opinion, marketing is full of snake oil sales people. It's full of people selling you bullshit things, selling you shit that is not going to deliver. Whether that's a tool, whether that's crappy consultancy. And I've seen it so often, and that's why I became a marketer.

I was always kind of billed s a marketer, I've got some marketing qualifications under my belt. I've done marketing for a while. I never considered myself a marketer until I started Podcast Websites three years ago. Never, because now I'm able to implement for myself the techniques that I was telling other people about, other marketing consultants, where you buy them on a shitty retainer and they come in and they drive up in their BMW or their Merc, and they tell you about their holiday, and then they leave you after an hour and a half with a to do list which includes set up MailChimp, set up some other kind of dodgy system where god, it's free, so it must be all right. And this is going to be great, it's going to change what we do. Set up an email newsletter.

This is old school shitty marketing, but there are marketing consultants out there that will take that money from you. However, because what I want you to do is to become a marketer in your own right, I need you to be able to decide what help you need. Now, when I'm developing a new product ... so at the moment I'm developing some new content for this brand, for my Excellence Expected brand. And what I want to discuss here is the fact that when I do this, I look at what resources I need.

Now, we've just announced Jess Kupferman as our head of marketing here at Podcast Websites. We've got Hannah McCreesh as head of content, we've got Izzy as a content manager. But we also work with other people. We also work with some partners, people like Amy Woods at Content TenX, because Amy's got a skillset that frankly is fantastic. But she can do what we need cheaper than me being able to employ someone full-time to do it, because we don't need someone full-time.

What I'm not doing is hiring someone as a marketing consultant. Instead, we've developed internally the strategic skills and the strategic view of things that we need. All we then need to do is buy in the skills, like Amy for example, like a good video editor. It's rare that you need a marketing person. It's rare that you need someone to come in. It's much better, in my opinion, if you can afford it, to hire someone on a full-time basis to be your marketer. Because listen, I talked to you about this on episode 512 on Wednesday, marketing is just a way of creating the conditions for sales to occur. And that has to be strategically considered, which is something that I'm going to talk about next week. It has to be strategically considered.

You can't outsource that, because ultimately people won't give a shit about your business as much as you do. Thus, it doesn't matter to them if the strategy doesn't work. It doesn't matter, because they'll still get paid. And likewise, with an employee, yes, of course they'll still get paid, but there's more likelihood that they'll come to form a kinship with you. That they will come to form a brotherhood, a sisterhood, a friendship, a community, a family, which means that they believe in your mission as much as you do. So that they've got impetus to perform, and they've got impetus to develop that strategy with you.

So, what you can't do is buy cheap, all right? I don't want you, when you have to hire the right person, to buy cheap. Don't do that. I would rather you did the marketing, and you were the marketer, and you became better at that. Even if you had a bit of budget to throw at a person. Because if it's only a little bit, you won't get the right person. It's much better to invest that in other marketing activities.

So, when it comes to choosing the right partners, my entire opinion is do the strategic work internally, and try and build a team internally that allows for that. Then hire in on skills requirements. If you need a contractor, if you need a third party. Hire in for very specific skills, because otherwise your marketing budget will disappear, and you won't know why.

Listen guys, have a wonderful weekend, and never forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.