The 7 Minute Mentor

515 - Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Tactics

October 15, 2018

What is going on? Welcome to Episode 515 of The 7 Minute Mentor with me, Mark Asquith. Now a couple of things today. I'm losing my voice a little bit, I don't know why. Don't know if it's singing the weekend, or maybe I'm just getting a cold. I don't know, so I apologize for my voice being a little croaking. I'm not going to sound as exuberant as I do normally because you know I'm an exuberant chap.

And number two, I just want to say a big happy birthday to my good friend Mr. Kipper McGee. It's Kipper's birthday at the end of today. Just join me in wishing him just a wonderful, wonderful day. Kipper is one of my biggest supporters when I do my personal brand work, when I do my Podcast Websites work and everything else that I do. Kipper, great to spend some time with you this year at Podcast Movement. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day, sir.

Today I want to talk about marketing strategy versus marketing tactics. It's all part of this month of content here on The 7 Minute Mentor. I'm talking to you as a founder of a business, and saying actually you should probably be a pretty decent marketer as well. One of my biggest beliefs is all founders should be pretty bloody good to marketing, so I'm going to talk about that in just one second. So do not worry if you've never been a marketer before, we'll get you there.

Now, before I do that, just a quick reminder that I will be live, voice pending, on Friday at 4:00 p.m. U.K. time, 11:00 a.m. Eastern, 8:00 a.m. Pacific with my free coaching session.

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Now, not all marketing is created equally, and one of the biggest distinctions to understand is the difference between your marketing strategy and your marketing tactics. Now, the reason I wanted to discuss this is clear. When you say to people, do you do marketing for your business? Well, how would you describe your marketing? They say, yeah, you know, we do SEO, we do content, we do Facebook Ads. Well, they're all tactics. They're all marketing tactics, okay? And I actually just off a bit of a marketing meeting myself with Jess and Kieran and James here at Podcast Websites, and the difference between tactics which is where you physically do the things, the different channels that you work with whether it's blogging, whether it's Facebook Ads, whether it's email marketing, whether it's social marketing, whatever it is, podcasting, videography, these are all tactics.

The strategic side of things are, okay, what do we need to be achieving? What are the outcomes? Broadly speaking, what are the business objectives that I want to achieve with this marketing? Strategically what will I do? What messages will I get across? What transformations will I take people through? What solutions do I want to find answers to? These are all strategic questions, positioning, placement in the market in the industry, messaging, tone of voice, based on a campaign by campaign basis. These are all very specific pieces of your marketing, but these aren't tactics. These are strategies.

And every time you launch something, every time you create something, you need a strategic marketing plan to inform your tactics. You can't just dive in and do SEO, do content, or do social. You've got to have a strategy. What are we trying to achieve? And we know with Podcasts Websites, as an example, our strategy's over the next 15 months to move our position in the market, change our position within the market. All of the marketing that we do, all of the marketing that we have done for the last few months is starting that process off.

Of course, we've got to increase revenue. Sure, we want to build the memberships. The tactics around how we do that will vary. They will change. They will look great. They will change and just move forward with every kind of piece of feedback that we get.

So the tactics aren't really what matter at this stage. We know what those will be. What we have to do is create a strategy, and we've got to learn from it. We've got to continually review that. We've got to look at where we are based on certain metrics, and we've got to be open to changing and tweaking it, and like I said, upgrading it.

So the difference between strategy and marketing in terms of the physical tactics that you understand is a very distinct difference, and what you're going to start to notice is as you become this marketing founder, as you become this owner of a business that is marketing, you'll find yourself doing both of these things. But as you develop and you start to work with partners like I spoke about last week, you'll see that you still need to be involved in strategic decisions. Until you can get to a point where you can hire a head of marketing or a CMO, you are always going to be involved in strategic marketing.

The things that you will develop out of that you will hire in because people are better and more qualified at these tactical things than you. The tactics, they are the specifics, things like the search engine optimization, like the podcasting, like the paid ads, live social, like the content creation and the vlogs, okay? You need to have a very solid grasp right now of the strategy, and you need to learn some of the tactics that eventually you will be just working on strategy. And then even after that, you'll be working at the business level.

In the next five years, you'll be working in the strategic business level, not even doing the marketing strategy. You'll be talking about business development. And then the head of marketing or the CMO will be dealing with the strategy, and then the implementers, the skilled workers who have got those skills will be implementing them, doing the content, doing the SEO, okay?

For now, all I want you to understand is that you need both pieces of this puzzle. You have to understand the why behind your marketing. That's your strategy. What are we trying to achieve, and broadly speaking, how are we doing to achieve it? The tactics are the tools within your toolbox, okay?

These things are interchangeable. One doesn't work, you optimize it or you try the next thing, and these things will link together. Facebook Ads will link into your email marketing, which in turn will link into your affiliate system, for example, okay?

So there are so many different ways to do this, but remember strategic and tactical, two very different beasts, but they all play in the same park. I'll see you tomorrow guys, and never forget the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.