The 7 Minute Mentor

517 - Consistency is Queen, King, Prince and Kingdom!

October 17, 2018

Hey, what's going on, welcome to episode 517 of The 7 Minute Mentor. And today I'm going to talk about why consistency is queen, is king, is prince and is bloody kingdom, it's everything. Consistency in marketing as a founder truly is everything, and I'm going to talk about that in just one moment. Through the lens of marketing, not just consistency generally, but through the marketing eye. So I'm going to dig into that in a moment or two.

But look, this week on The 7 Minute Mentor, tomorrow we're going to talk about the essential tools that you need to be an effective founder, when it comes to a marketing plan, a marketing suite. Then on Friday we're going to digress a little bit by talking about how to add a personal touch to your marketing before you even get started.

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Now, this is something that really frustrates me. Most marketing fails before it has even gotten started. Fads come and go, but marketing, real marketing, takes time to have a real effect. But how long should you wait? How long should you wait before you decide something's not working? Well, can you remember on Monday we talked about strategic marketing versus tactical marketing, didn't we? We talked about whether or not you have the strategic plan in place to implement the right tactics. Well, what I'm saying to you is that if you have a strategy in place, your tactics can be transient, they can change, they can subtly be tweaked and upgraded and optimized. After all, that's why we call things like SEO, Search Engine Optimization, that's why we call it optimization, because it will always change. It will always upgrade, it will always, always, always need changing.

But what most people do is, they'll buy into a fad, they'll say, "Right, we're gonna do SEO," or, "We're gonna do social marketing, or influencer marketing, for the next two months." And what they'll do is, they'll think to themselves, "Well, after two months what's the ROI on that been?" You might not see many members have signed up, or you might not have sold many things, and sure that is a core metric that you've got to check. But what most people do is, they'll then pull influencer marketing, or SEO, or social media, out of their mix. What I would suggest that the problem with that is, is that if you do that, you have no way of actually figuring out, did that work? So what you've got to do is actually add to that mix.

Well, okay, maybe influencer marketing or SEO or social's not working on its own, maybe we need to feed it, maybe we need to raise more awareness by adding Instagram ads to the mix. Because remember, we've talked about the marketing mix on Episode 511, the marketing mix, the mix, is what makes marketing work. The mix of things. Not only does each tactic have to be optimized, e.g. make your SEO the best it can be at any given time, your social campaigns the best they can be, but also that mix needs optimizing. What percentage of our marketing needs front-loading on social ads? Which bit at the back end might be broken that's not linking to actual signups? This marketing mix needs optimizing as well, and this is where consistency is queen, king, prince and kingdom. It's everything, because you have to be consistent with trying things. What most people will do is they will can everything, they will stop their social, they'll stop something else, they'll stop their influencer marketing, they'll stop their podcast, because they think that their "marketing is not working."

You should only ever tweak one variable at a time, because otherwise you don't know which variable you're tweaking has had the right effect. The very same thing goes for your marketing mix, and your consistency. If you're going to add something into your marketing, dedicate six months to a year to it. If you find after three months it's not working, tweak how you do that thing. Don't pull it, tweak how you do that thing, okay? That's the real key here, is that consistency requires a level of building. It requires you to build up, and up, and up your marketing mix. And if you've worked on your funnels, if you've worked on your value ladder, like we know at Podcast Websites, we can get people into the academy, we get thousands of people joining that. We know that we can then turn them into paid members of the academy, then we can turn them into other customers of Podcast Websites, for example, and some of the things that we're launching next year. It's part of the plan.

Even yesterday, I was talking to Jess and the team here, and they were saying, "Well we need to tweak the academy," and I was saying, "No we don't." To us, it's something that has been there for a long time, since February this year, but to the public, barely anyone knows about it, even though we get thousands of signups, still in the grand scheme of things not many people know about it. We have to be consistent for another six months at least, with the messaging that we've got now which is, "Join the free academy." Okay?

So that's what I want you to take away from this. Consistency is queen, king, prince and kingdom, but I'm talking about this from the perspective of building your marketing mix. Add to the mix, each tactic is an ingredient. SEO is an ingredient of a quality marketing recipe. So is social, and so on and so forth. So what you've got to do it, you can't assume that your marketing has failed just because one tactic doesn't give you massive results within a month, you've got to stick to it, and you've got to optimize.

I'll see you tomorrow, team. Never forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.