The 7 Minute Mentor

519 - Adding A Personal Touch Before You Even Get Started with Your Marketing

October 19, 2018

Hey, what's going on? Welcome to episode 519 of The 7 Minute Mentor, with me, Mark Asquith. And today I'm going to digress for just one second, I'm going to talk about founders marketing. But I'm going to talk about building in a personal touch before you even get started. Before you even get started with your marketing.

Now, the reason that I'm going to do that is kind of a follow up to yesterday. I'm going to recommend one more tool that I'm sure you've heard me talk about before, but I'm also going to talk about a couple of things that we do individually at Podcast Websites that really help us to stand out. And why you should bake these things out from day one. So, I'm going to talk about that in just uno momento.

But before I do that, a quick reminder, it is Friday, which of course means that I will be live at 4PM UK, 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific. I'm going to be rocking the mic on my Facebook page, Mark Asquith on Facebook, and I'm going to be live giving away 30 minutes of coaching completely for free.

So, look, if you want to get started getting involved in the community. Maybe you've been lurking as a listener of the Seven Minute Mentor for a while now, I want you to come along to the free coaching. We've got some really interesting things going on this week, just like we do every week. And what I do is I give you a bit of a look behind the scenes at Podcast Websites, you'll see some of the other team members. We have a little bit of banter going on. And we've got a really good crowd other there. So, come along, and not only get your business problems solved, but let's just have a good time with it as well. This is not your stuffy coaching that you might be used to. So, come along, we'll have a great time.

To do that, all you need to do is go to, and I will be there live for you.

Also, the team at AWeber, my favorite guys in email marketing. Well, they spoke to me a few months ago and they said, "Mark, look, we want to give this 90 day free trial away to your members, and to your community, and to your listeners. But we kind of want to add a little bit of a challenge to that. Do you think that your members, your community, your listeners, can build an email list within 90 days and do something profitable with that list?"

And I said, "Look, Eric, knowing my guys how I know them, yes, I believe they can." And I want you to step up to the plate and make that challenge yours, all right? We're coming up to the end of the year, we've got two and a half months. We've got less than 10 weeks until bloody Christmas, all right? What are you going to do to put 2019 into the best position possible before it even comes around?

Get your email marketing sorted, undertake that 90 day free challenge at Do not let it expire.

Now, I'm going to digress for a second here. I'm not going to talk specifically about marketing. I want to kind of follow up yesterday when I talked about the tools that I use in our business, just the basic tools that you can use within your business as well to help you to become a better marketing founder. I believe that planning in personal touches into your marketing before you start to plan your strategy can be a real game changer.

Now, we do this, we use something called Bonjoro. Now, Matt and Ollie and the team at Bonjoro have been staunch supporters of mine for a long time now, and I've been a massive supporter of theirs from day one. And we use Bonjoro to send personalized videos, one to one videos to people based on certain event triggers. I.e, someone signs up to our email list, someone books a one to one call, someone doesn't show up on a one to one call. Someone raises an early stage support request during their onboarding, we send them a personal video. Someone becomes a member of Podcast Websites, we send them a video. That is how it works.

But more than that, we plan in our entire personal marketing touches from day one. So, what we'll do it we know that we're going to send teabags out to people, we're going to send one of our welcome packs to members. We're going to sign handwritten notes out with a little I'm recording sign to hang on the door. And like I said, the teabags, the notebooks, the pencils that we send out. We invite people to personalize meet ups. I actually very, very often, in fact I had one last week, I very often get people replying back to my emails saying nice one, this is a brilliant auto responder. How have you got it to sound so personal?

And I reply and I say this is not an auto responder, this is me replying. So, I plan these personal touches in. But more than that, when we do automate emails, like when you join the on the free tier, you get a years worth of welcome content, dotted through the year via email. But each one of those will invite you to do something more personal. So, at three months in, and even when we've joined Podcast Websites, at six weeks in, we actually add a pinch point in there, which basically says look, here's an email that says what do you need from us? If you reply to this email, I will send you a personalized video with an answer to your queries.

So, we build them in. We're not just saying that this is like a pre-marketing piece, we're saying that even after you've paid us for something, even after you've given us the money, we are still going to be there giving you ultimate personal service. And I want you to start planning that into your marketing, because it can be the thing that sets you apart.

Think about it. If you're an accountant, you send an email to your accountant and you say, "Rob," which is my accountant's name. Rob, if you're listening. "Rob, when do I need to submit my latest tax return?" Rather than a quick email back, imagine getting a personal video from him. "Hey Mark, it's Rob. Just a quick heads up buddy, you've going to file that on the 30th of January. But it's all good, don't worry about it, I'm on top of it. I'll be in touch around the 20th of November. We'll get the basic detail and then we'll get together early January and get it signed off. No worries buddy, let me know what you need."

Like that takes no longer, no longer than typing an email out. In fact, less time in my opinion, because you can articulate much more, much quicker when talking. So, what can you do to bake in personal touches? What are the little pleasant surprises you can give someone? What are the frustrations that people have in your industry, and how can you overcome them using personal touches? I want you to consider that, and make a list of them. What are the top 10 personal touches, the top 10 personal ways that you can pleasantly surprise your audience?

And a great example of this is on Monday this week, when I talked on episode 515 about strategy verus tactics, I wished my good friend Kipper McGee, one of my biggest supporters, a personal happy birthday. Are you remembering that about your audience? And if you're not, you need to start. All right?

So, listen, try to bake that in. I'll be live on my free coaching. If you want to talk about that later, you can come along to the free coaching session. I will be live 4PM UK, 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific, just waxing lyrical and having a good time about business and life in business, with some great friends that turn up there every single week. So, please come along to the session. If I don't see you on the session, have a wonderful weekend. Make sure you go back and revisit this month's content on becoming a better marketing founder, if you haven't done so already. And I will see you on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend, and never forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.