The 7 Minute Mentor

521 - Setting Your Marketing Campaign Goals vs. Your Overall Marketing Goals

October 23, 2018

Hey, what's going on? Welcome to episode 521 of The 7 Minute Mentor with me, Mark Asquith. And today we're going to continue pulling on the thread of why you need to be a pretty darn good marketer as the founder of your own business. Because look, we all know that in the early days, we are chief bottle washer, we are marketing manager, we are sales manager. Heck, we're the person that sweeps up at the end of the day. We do everything, don't we, in the early days.

And marketing, it has to be at the centre of everything you do, because marketing, it begets sales. Marketing is required to move your business forward. And you need to be a decent marketer. And today I'm going to pulling that thread by talking about your marketing campaign goals versus your overall marketing goals. There are subtle differences between the two. There are subtle differences between the two. And it kind of leads me through to the next couple of days, where we're going to start to talk about understanding a marketing campaign versus a marketing strategy in a couple of days. Tomorrow we're going to talk about some bloody acronyms that crop up. But this week is intended to give you what you need to understand the difference, and all the different components between a marketing campaign and a marketing strategy. So, we're going to dig into that in just one second.

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Okay, so this week, starting tomorrow, we're going to talk about some bloody acronyms that are in the world of marketing. Things that you need to understand. Then, moving through the week, 523 we're going to talk about understanding a marketing campaign versus a marketing strategy. And then at the end of the week we're going to wrap up with how to develop your first marketing strategy.

And today the reason that I wanted to talk about your campaign goals versus your overall marketing goals is that marketing campaigns broadly speaking are times specific campaigns attended to achieve one or more complimentary steps within your broader marketing category, or your broader marketing strategic plan. Such as moving you from one position in the market to another. That is your strategic goal, your campaign will be kind of one portion of that, one timed and specifically measurable piece of that puzzle. And as such, your marketing campaigns, their objectives should be treated slightly differently.

Now, yesterday we talked about setting smart objectives for your marketing, and I want to talk about smart objectives at a macro level, and then at a campaign level. So, we talked yesterday specific measurable, agreed upon our attainable, realistic, and time bound. That is the acronym SMART when it comes to objectives.

Now, if you think about strategic marketing, a strategy, if you think about war, if you think about any kind of strategy, a strategy is the overall methodology. It's the overall here's what we need to do, why we need to do it, when we're going to do it by. And broadly speaking, how we're going to achieve that. And we talk about weaknesses and strengths, and we talk about other things within that strategy that form the entire picture.

A campaign is like a battle. A campaign is like a battle, it's where there'll be a very specifically timed element to these things, wherein you'll turn out, you'll fight the good fight, and you'll measure whether or not you've won. That is broadly speaking what a marketing campaign is. It has very specific time bound objectives.

Your strategy will also have time bound objectives, but they'll typically be a lot further out. They might be two year objectives, or one year, or even ten year if you're a big business. We have them at Podcast Websites, we've got campaign goals. And we're just starting to do more and more on the campaign front now that we've got our marketing team really dialed in. And we've got more strategic work, which we're starting to roll out now, starting this week with our statistics update, and moving further forward through November, into December and beyond. You're going to see some announcements from us, which are all on the strategic level.

Now, the reason that I'm telling you this is that people don't make this distinction, especially in small businesses, especially in start-ups, especially when you're a solo founder. You just think that you turn up and you do tactical marketing every day. You go on Facebook, you do bits of podcast advertising. Or you do content marketing. That's all tactical stuff. What you need to do is you need to think about your marketing at three levels. Day to day level is tactics, what am I doing today? Battle level, what is your mission? What is your mission, and when does it end? That is your campaign. And a campaign might last for a week, two weeks, a month, two months, heck, even a year. And that's a way of getting across a very specific message about your business or your product, telling people one thing that they didn't know about it, and really hammering it home until it becomes obvious, and it becomes synonymous with you and your brand.

And then your strategy. That's the third tier, that's the highest tier right at the top end. And setting goals and objectives for each one of these, not just strategic goals, not just campaign goals. Heck, not even just tactical, we must get click through rates of X on our Facebook ad goals. You have to set goals for each level. You have to set goals for each level, because they feed each other. You know like the monkey ladder on Iron Man 3, where Iron Man saves all of these people, and there's a monkey ladder. Each one cannot work without the one above it pulling it up. And likewise, you can't reach the people you need to reach without all pulling together.

So, that's what you need to consider when it comes to setting your goals, and we are going to go into this more this week, as we start to move forward. So please, start to take that in, understand what a marketing campaign is, and I'll see you tomorrow. Never forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.