The 7 Minute Mentor

525 - Choosing Your Marketing Campaign Channels

October 29, 2018

Hey, what is going on? Welcome to episode 525 of The 7 Minute Mentor with me, Mark Asquith. And today I'm going to talk kind of wrapping up for about the last couple of times actually this week, talking about marketing as a founder. And in particular, about choosing your marketing campaign channels.

Now, we've talked last week about marketing strategy, we've talked about marketing campaigns and the difference between them. Today we're going to talk about the channels. And I'm going to dispel a few myths, I'm going to dig into a few things. It's going to really interesting. So, we're going to get to that in just one second.

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Okay, we've kind of talked about the three layers of marketing. We've talked about strategic marketing, that top level birds eye 50,000 view look at your marketing. Strategy. We've talked about the kind of in depth timed marketing campaigns that you can create. Sort of the 500 foot view, where you'll say right, for the new few months we're going to run a campaign to tell people about this benefit of working with us. Or this feature of our software.

When it comes to how to implement those campaigns, and then in turn how to actually achieve the strategic objectives that you set out in your top level marketing strategy, the ways that you do that are through tactics. It's what you do, it's physically what you do. It's what you create, it's what you market, it's what you sell. It's what you actually promote. It's everything from the pictures that you use to the wording that you use, right through to the channels that you choose. And that's what I want to talk to you about today, choosing your marketing campaign channels.

Part of your tactical marketing implementation, along with things like your creative design, and your messaging, part of that is your choice of marketing channels. And I want to tell you today what is a marketing channel, and how the heck do you choose which ones to use? Well, a marketing channel is email marketing. A marketing channel is Facebook Ads, is social media marketing, is Twitter marketing. It's direct message marketing, it's Instagram marketing. A channel is direct mail, old school flyers and postcards. It's stickers, it's Raff giving out his stickers. It's a marketing channel.

Now, we talked at the beginning of the month about the marketing mix on episode 511. Go and revisit that one after you've listened to this, because the marketing mix is made up of strategy, of campaigns, of tactical implementation, and of all of these different channels working together.

And you don't have to use every channel every time. A marketing campaign can focus on one channel. It can focus on a mix of channels. Now, let me give you an example of this. I'm going to use our example at Podcast Websites. Let's say that we say to people, "Okay, we want to increase members of the growth tier of the Podcast Success Academy." So, we have a free tier, and then we have a paid tier, which is 37 bucks a month for the growth tier of the academy.

The campaign that we may want to run, for example, may be we want to get more people on the growth tier, who are already on the free tier. The channels that we would use would be email marketing, to email them. It would be Facebook and Instagram them to re-target them, because they'd been on the, they'd been a free member. They've used the value. And what we would do is we would trigger re-targeting, and then email campaigns based on that re-targeting to say to someone, "Do you know what, actually here's an incentive to move up to the growth tier."

And that would be one focused campaign that might run for a month, and that creative that we use, or the channels that we use in tandem with amazing creatives, so the ads that you see, may be something like boost your podcast downloads this week. And it might be a nice picture of someone podcasting. It might be a picture of might, it might be a picture of Jess.

That's a really simple campaign. It's not a campaign that we're running right now, I've literally just made that up. But it's a very simple look at two simple channels that would directly increase our revenue. It could be done, I could implement that today. And it would increase, I can guarantee you, it would change our revenue for the better.

So, you don't have to use every channel. We might not run a Twitter campaign. We might not use Instagram in that instance. We might just use Facebook Ads. What we might do is use segmented tagging, where we use AWeber's page hit and event functionality to say do you know what, if someone goes to the upgrade page on the academy and doesn't hit the thank you page, then that means they've gone to the upgrade page, bounced off it, not upgraded. Let's send them a re-targeted email onboarding process and marketing campaign via email, to get them to think about upgrading.

So, your channels are vital. And what you've got to do is we've talked about your persona's on Friday, when we talked about your avatar. This is why in many businesses you've got more than one avatar. The avatar is the generic person that you're talking to. But your customer persona's will be different. You'll have a persona for someone that's bought, and a persona for someone that hasn't bought.

They could be the same avatar, the same behaviours, the same lifestyles, the same purchases, the same behaviours, the same age, the same number of kids. But the difference is persona one has bought something, persona two hasn't bought something. So, you have to deal with them differently. And that is what campaigns will do. It will allow you to create different styles, different channels, different tactics, to actually target these people. And the channels that you use will differ. The channels that you use will differ.

So, choose your campaign channels wisely. I'll see you tomorrow team, and never forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.