The 7 Minute Mentor

533 - Positioning Yourself as the Expert with Content - The Goal

November 8, 2018

What is going on? Welcome to episode 533 of The 7 Minute Mentor with me, Mark Asquith. Today we're going to talk about positioning yourself as the expert in your field with content marketing. Because after all, that is the goal. I'm going to come to that in just one moment, but before I do that just a quick little reminder that, of course, I will be live on Friday. That's right. Tomorrow I will be live. Giving away 30 minutes of my time entirely for free.

To help you to define challenging content, the biggest issues that you're having in your business. Now I do this every single week. In fact, last week I did it live from behind the scenes at Harvard University over in the United States, up there in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was wonderful to get a behind the scenes look and it was just a lot of fun. Heck of a lot of fun.

Now, I'm going to be back in the studio this Friday. Tomorrow 4 p.m. UK. 11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. Pacific with a Q&A session, all right? So, look, if you're struggling with something, don't struggle alone. Pretty, pretty please. Do not sit on this because I deal with stuff every single day in my business and I need help, just like you need help and I wish I had a mentor that would just turn up every single Friday and give their time away. Okay, I don't have that. That's why I do it for you. So please come along to the session. Tomorrow, 4 p.m. UK, 11 a.m. Eastern 8 a.m. Pacific. Go grab all the information, coaching.

Also, do remember the team at A Web and well, I keep going on about these guys and how wonderful they are, but I truly mean it. It's very, very rare that you meet a company with whom you can have such a long-standing relationship. Especially a company that is integral to your business. I mean, I've been aware this week about how I've been talking about how I've been with Jess and with Chris and the crew up there and my business has been running. The onboarding has been running. The upsells have been running. I've been making sales while I've not been there. All right? And that's all down to A Web. The fact that they have my back. They have set up the automations with me. They've helped me to write amazing content. They've helped me to understand what works. They'll let me split test things. Everyone needs to be doing this. All right? Everyone needs to be doing high-quality email marketing.

I can almost guarantee that you are not. So please go and get involved with A Web. 90 days completely for free. There's no risk to this view. All right? Just go and make some more money. Right. As we know, content marketing is the art of using content to create the conditions of a sale. At the time when a prospect is ready to buy. So the only thing that we've got to focus on with our content is being the expert. Being the expert in our field by digging deeper into our subject matter than anyone else in the world.

Now what this means is very, very simple. I mentioned it over the last couple of days. You've got to be the Wikipedia. All right? You've got to be the Wikipedia of your industry. You've got to be there. Like, that annoying person when you search for something. Your website's there again, again, again. Well, how good are these guys? That's annoying. Look how good they are and it's all free value. It's all great content. Videos, audio, podcasts, blogs. It's all free, amazing, solution-led content. Who then becomes the expert?

Now, I know you might be thinking to yourself, "Well Mark, you said this to us yesterday in slightly different words. You said this to us on 531 in slightly different words. You said this in 530 in slightly different words." Maybe I did. Maybe I did. But, I want this to sink in. Your goal with content marketing is to become the visible expert who is the only viable option to purchase from when the conditions of a sale are generated. All right? You're the expert in the industry who is the only viable option to purchase from when the conditions of a sale are generated. Think about that. Think about what I've just said. Hit the 15 seconds back button and listen to that again. All right?

Because this is very important to understand because as you start to plan your content marketing, as you start to planning everything that you do and around your marketing and your business and everything that will generate income and revenue and positioning for you, this has to be your goal. It has to be your objective to create that expert status. If you're answering inane questions or if you're just creating content for the bloody sake of it, well guess what? That ain't going to work. That ain't going to create the conditions for a sale. It's not going to position you as the expert. You're just going to have nice content.

That's why so many bloggers can't monetize. That's why so many marketing departments are fumbling around trying to do outbound marketing instead of inbound marketing where you attract your ideal audience through quality content. So many marketing departments floundering. Big, small, medium-sized. It doesn't matter the size of the department. They are all struggling. And it's because they aren't doing this. They're not thinking like this. They're not thinking, "Let's position ourselves as the experts." All they're thinking is, "Let's make that sale. Let's make that sale." And it just doesn't work. It's just simply not going to work.

We have door-to-door salesman. No, no, no. The power is in the hands of the buyer in 2018, 2019, and beyond. So that's the goal. Like I said, as we know, content marketing is the art of using content to create conditions of a sale at the time that the prospect is ready to buy. So all we've got to do is focus on being the expert in our field by digging deeper into our subject matter than anyone else in the world. And here's a cool point. That word there, deeper, deeper, be more detailed. Give more value. Write longer blog posts that are much more in-depth. Do more demonstration. Do more tutorials. And don't be in it for yourself. Be in it to just provide that tutorial and provide that content, provide that value. All right?

Go deep. Be the expert. Have that voice. Do you remember a few weeks ago I was talking about having an opinion why when it comes to your personal brand, one of the things you've got to do is have an opinion? Well, this is a similar thing. You've got to be willing to put your voice out there. So that's what I want you to do. You are the expert. Let's start to tell people and let's do that with high-quality content. I'll see you tomorrow team. And never forget the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.