The 7 Minute Mentor

534 - Where Is Your Content Discomfort? Identify and Conquer It

November 9, 2018

Well, hello there, happy Friday to you. Welcome to episode 534 of The 7 Minute Mentor, with me, Mark Asquith. And today we're going to finish the week by talking about a little content discomfort, a little content discomfort. We're going to talk about building your arsenal, building your repertoire of content channels. That's what we're going to dig into in just a moment.

But, it is Friday, which you know if you follow me, that means it's free coaching Friday. Which means I'm going to be live 4PM UK, 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific with my free coaching system. So, what we're going to do is over on Facebook Live every single week we get together. I give 30 minuted unadulterated, unfiltered time, where you can ask me anything. I take questions live. I also pre-collate questions that have come in through the weeks and months via my website. And I answer them, I help you to define, challenge, and conquer the biggest issues that you're having in your business.

Now, I don't want you to sit back idly and just watch, I want you to get involved because moving forward in business, moving forward as a savvy founder. It's one of those things where without help you aren't going to do it as quickly as you could do. So, it's up to you, sit back, don't do it. Or, accelerate your growth. That's all I'm here to do, to help. There's no strings, you don't even need to give me your email address. I'm not even interested. Don't give me your email address, it's fine, just turn up. Go and get all the information at, and just come along to the session.

Also, AWeber, my wonderful email marketing partners, are still giving you that 90 days completely free on their platform to help you to try and build your email list. Now, building an email list isn't easy. It takes time. But I'm a massive fan of building a high quality list from day one. If you look at any online entrepreneur, if you look at any savvy founder of any business, they have a high quality email list both of prospects and of customers, and even of lapsed customers. Because that's what it's about, it's about using communications to create an amazing experience, an amazing journey, right through from prospect, right through to being a customer.

And if you're not doing that, if you're not getting involved with that, if you're not doing anything with your email marketing. Even if you are doing something like yeah, you know, I've got something on MailChimp but I don't do much with it, then move it over. Get it on AWeber and let's start doing something with a team that cares. Go and get involved at

Right, a good content marketer in my opinion knows the difference between doing everything and being able to do everything when it comes to creating a marketing content. We don't always need to use every tool in our tool belt, but what we need to do is to know that we can when we need to. To do that, we've got to identify our content discomforts and begin to overcome them.

Now, you've heard the old saying you've got to be everywhere online. I don't think that's true, and many online marketers now are not saying that this is true anymore, because it's all about picking your avatar. And the channels, remember we talked about channels last month, what are channels, understanding them and figuring out what they are. We talked about that in episode 525. And you don't have to be everywhere. I agree with the sentiment that you don't have to be everywhere. But you have to be able to be everywhere.

Now, when I first started my podcast, September 30th 2014, international podcast day 2014. I was nervous. Go and listen to episode one, go to Go and check it out, and you'll see that I was very, very nervous. I was very robotic. But, I wanted to add audio into my repertoire. I knew that I needed to be able to pull out of my tool belt, to be able to pull out of my war chest when I needed it the ability to be able to do audio content. And I did the same with video.

Now, video is not easy, it's difficult to get on there and accept that maybe I've put a couple of pounds on, because I like eating pizza. I really do like eating pizza. Maybe my hair's getting gray. Fine. It's one of those things where you've just got to get over it. And what I don't want you to do is be at a content disadvantage because you are worried about any particular channel. Facebook Live, vlogging, YouTube, podcasting, blogging, writing. You need them all, you need to be able to at least do them. That's not to say you have to do them right now, but it's better to do it now and get over the hump, and to practice it and not publish this, than it is to need to do something, to have a unique opportunity to do a vlog, or to do a podcast, and at that point realize oh crap, I don't have that in my repertoire.

So, what I want you to do today, this is something I challenge my great friend Raff from, who was on a campaign to connect a million veterans and help them from leaving to living. Now, it's a wonderful campaign, and Raff is just doing wondrous things. But Raff had a little bit of channel block. He was a little scared of audio, he was a little afraid of video. And we eased him into it, we said well look, why don't you just record on your iPhone headset, just walking around the house. You don't have to publish it. Yeah, it's not going to be amazing quality, and sure, people frown at that. But who cares, we're not going to publish it. What we're trying to get you to do is to open up and become comfortable listening to your own voice and talking into a microphone.

And then the same with video. Go and do an Instagram Live, go and do a Facebook Live. One minute, and then it becomes two minutes, and three minutes, and five minutes, and ten minutes. And then suddenly everything's there. You've got an arsenal, you've got a tool belt that you can pull from.

So, don't let yourself be disadvantaged by your own fear. What is your content discomfort? I want you to identify it, and I want you to conquer it. Because like we said, a good content marketer knows that difference between doing everything and being able to do everything when it comes to content creation and marketing. We don't always need to use every tool in our tool belt, but we need to know we can when we need to.

So, to do that, I want you today to make a list of your content discomforts, and begin to overcome them. You don't need to publish this publicly. Just begin to overcome them by recording something yourself. Listening back to yourself. And as my great friend Brian Fanzo would say, just push the damn button.

I'll see you on Monday guys. Have a wonderful week, and never forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.