The 7 Minute Mentor

538 - Content Development Process: Content Upgrade & Relevance

November 15, 2018

Hey, what's going on, welcome to episode 538 of The Seven Minute Mentor, with me, Mark Asquith, where today, we're going to continue digging in to my content development process, where I'm teaching you how I create my content packages.

It helps me to get off the content production hamster wheel, and create content that matters to my audience, and ultimately improves my bottom line, okay? So, that's what we're gonna be talking about today. And we're gonna be digging into the third portion of that right now, which is the content upgrade. So we're gonna just dive into that in one minute.

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All right, what's the point in creating your content? It's to make some money, somehow and some way your content has got to link to your business and its bottom line. Now, I know that sounds logical, but how many people just forget that? How many people forget that that's why they're blogging, or they're creating a podcast, or they're creating video, or they're creating other marketing content? Well, we all do from time to time. Even I do, from time to time, I get so bogged down in creating good stuff that I just forget kind of why I'm doing it.

And what I tend to do is, I'll tell people to come along and I'll tell them to go make a transaction with me, you know, give me an email address for something, give me some data, so that I can stay in touch with them. And I do that actually on this podcast, I do it on this podcast, I tell people to go to the free coaching, which is my presence promise. I promise to always be there every single week at 4:00 PM UK, 11:00 AM Eastern, 8:00 AM Pacific, over on Facebook. Every single week.

That's why I tell you that on my podcast, I give you the same thing every time, so people start to remember it. But you can't do that for all of your content. How many times have you heard a podcast where someone is just telling you to get the same, old ebook? How many times have you heard someone saying, "Go and get my free course," and that's all they tell you? If you're not delivering a presence promise, if you're asking someone to do something else, then I don't believe that your ebook is going to cut it anymore.

And that's why, during this entire content development process ... and this is something that people like Dan Norris, Amy Schmittauer, Noel Landeena and Andrew and Pete ... all the guys that are great content marketing, this is something that they advocate as well. Running something called a content upgrade.

So on Tuesday we talked about, if you have an idea, you can create the original form of content. So that might be a blog post, or a tutorial, or a how-to, whatever. And then yesterday we talked about, okay, why don't we mine that idea for different angles, so let's create some alternate format content, where we talked about, in that example that we gave, which was actually, okay, brand new to motorcycling, let's do an original content idea which is, you know, top five mistakes that people make when they are new to motorcycling, when they've just passed the test. What do you ... what mistakes do you make in your first week, that's a great blog post.

And then we did an alternate format, kind of comparison chart, the top six industry leading crash helmets reviewed, all right? So we created this original content and this alternate format. What's the point in me telling you, now, to take a next step, to take a next step and go and get the ebook? The general ebook, the boring, generic ebook, that you tell everyone to get all of the time? That is not a strong enough call to action, so instead what we have to do is create a relevant content upgrade.

Now that's the key phrase, all right? Relevant. Relevant. Like I said, there's no point in me giving you a generic, go and find out how to ride a motorcycle, because you've already done that. There's no point in me giving you a generic ebook that I force down your throat every time. Instead, during this content package, what I will be better doing is creating a relevant content upgrade to the content that you have consumed.

So assume in this example that you read the top five mistakes new motorcyclists make when they join the road in the first week. And then the alternate content, the top six crash helmets reviewed in the industry. So you've got these two pieces of content, what's better? Sending them to a generic ebook originary at cost, or, giving them something specific to this content? Such as, a printable, a PDF version of, a helmet fitting guide. What to look for, the three signs, the three things that you should look for when buying your perfect helmet, specific to you. Here's how you measure it, here's where you put your fingers to make sure there's enough gap.

But put that behind the email wall, because this is your lead magnet. This is your relevant content upgrade to the content they've read. And because it's so relevant, the person that is reading these two pieces of content, you can almost be sure that they will need this content, this upgrade. So if it's that good quality, value content, they will be willing to give you their email address, rather than they will be for, sign up for a webinar, or to sign up for some kind of dodgy generic ebook. You have to make it relevant.

So, by giving them the ultimate fitting guide, to the helmets on the market, how to choose your perfect helmet, take this into the store with you, run these tests on it, this is where you can become more relevant. Now according to people like Noah Kagan who's wonderful at this, things like spreadsheets, and kind of calculators, really work best for this sort of thing?

So what I want you to do is think about that. How can you add relevant content upgrades to your content development process? And we're gonna dig into this the more we go through this, okay? So for now, never forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.